ROUND 1, MATCH 15. Whigfield – ‘Saturday Night’ vs ATB – ‘9pm (Till I Come)’

The final day of Round 1 matches in the Eurodance 2021 competition kicks off with Whigfield’s Saturday Night taking on ATB’s 9pm (Till I Come).

A chart-topper right across Europe (and beyond), Saturday Night was a breakthrough smash for Whigfield, aka Sannie Charlotte Carlson – anyone remember the accompanying dance routine, as drunkenly demonstrated at holiday resorts across the Mediterranean during the 90s? ATB’s 9 PM (Till I Come), released in 1998, was always destined to be a hit, with a catchy Spanish guitar lick, soaring synthesisers and seductive lyrics. But which is your favourite?

You can listen to both tracks below, and cast your vote – remember the poll closes in 24 hours, so get voting, and get sharing. More information on the competition, as well as the match schedule, can be found here.

Let’s get ready to rumble… 🙂 #eurodance2021

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Whigfield – 'Saturday Night' vs ATB – '9pm (Till I Come)'

Whigfield – ‘Saturday Night’

ATB – ‘9pm (Till I Come)’

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