Umek unveils 300th release on his 1605 label

Techno titan Umek has unveiled the 300th release under his 1605 label, with new single Hypnotizing.

The Slovenian artist is also marking his 30th anniversary as a DJ with the release, which sees him team up with Dutch techno producer Maddix, who has previously released on Spinnin’, Armada, Rave Culture, and Revealed Recordings.

Commenting on the landmark release, Umek said, “Celebrating three decades in the dynamic realm of electronic music, I am overjoyed to mark this milestone with ‘Hypnotizing’ – a track that encapsulates the energy, passion, and relentless drive that have defined my career. As the 300th release under the auspicious banner of 1605, Hypnotizing not only mirrors the evolution of my sound but also underscores the vision and spirit of a label committed to pushing boundaries.

“Here’s to the rhythm that unites us, the beats that inspire, and the magical 300 that reflects a journey of persistence and undying love for music. The hypnotic allure of the dance floor awaits, and I invite you all to lose yourselves in the mesmerising world of Hypnotizing.”

As well as travelling the world and running the 1605 label, Umek is also a founding partner behind music-tech startup Viberate.

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Umek & Maddix – Hypnotizing is released on 13 October on 1605 and can be downloaded/streamed here.

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