Steve Mac celebrates the dawn of rave on new album ‘Bless This Acid House’

Where were you in ’88? Steve Mac pays tribute to the glory days of the acid house and rave scene on his new album, Bless This Acid House, which is out now on Jack Said What.

Featuring collaborations with influential artists such as Marshall Jefferson, E Raze, the late Sleezy D, Danny Rampling and Robert Owens, the 11-track album follows on from the release of a couple of singles, including the recent One Day featuring Robert Owens.

According to the official press release for the release, ‘In the summer of 1988, so legendary folklore recalls, a new kind of music appeared in abandoned warehouses, industrial units and fields across the UK. A phenomenon that would come to be known as Acid House.

‘With direct influences from the USA especially that of Detroit and Chicago, as well as later Germany and Ibiza, it marked the dawn of the infamous and very British ‘Rave’ movement. The Second Summer of Love, as the summers of ’88-’89 became known, and with the help of a little newly synthesized compound MDMA redefined nightlife for generations to come in UK clubs such as Shoom and Spectrum.’

As well as running Jack Said What (alongside Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh), Steve Mac has released tracks for the likes of Nervous, MoS, Cr2, Tool Room, Saved, Underwater and Ovum, recording under both his own name and These Machines. He has also remixed artists such as Jamiroquai, Simply Red and Michael Jackson.

Steve Mac – Bless This Acid House is out now, and can be downloaded/streamed here.


1 – Wish Featuring Robert Owens
2 – Take You There Featuring Sleezy D
3 – This Is Acid Mate
4 – Spirit featuring Marshall Jefferson
5 – My Mine Featuring MDMK
6 – Jack Said What
7 – Go Bang
8 – The 313 Featuring Alana Maria
9 – The Changes Featuring Robert Owens and Danny Rampling
10 – Summer of Love Featuring E Raze
11 – One Day featuring Robert Owens

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