#MyRecordBag – lau.ra reveals her top bass-heavy, dancefloor bangers

DJ and producer lau.ra, aka Laura Bettinson, has more than a decade of productions under her belt, under the pseudonyms Dimbleby & Capper and Femme (not to mention fronting experimental rock trio Ultraísta), before adopting her current guise in 2019.

Last year, she became the first woman to win the Music Producer’s Guild award for ‘Self Producing Artist’ – which was won previously by Four Tet and Jon Hopkins – while a series of recent singles on the Needwant label have seen her hone her atmospheric blend of electronica and bass-drenched beats.

Elsewhere, in March, she recorded her first BBC Essential Mix (listen here), which she described as “a journey through some of my favourite moments in dance music, old and new”, and featured tracks by Joy Orbison, Interplanetary Criminal, Moderat, DJ Sneak and more.

For 909originals #MyRecordBag series, we asked lau.ra to put together a playlist of her favourite bass-heavy, dance floor bangers. Over to you, lau.ra!

Cassius Select – Essence

“There’s not a set that goes by where I don’t find space to drop this absolute whopper. One of the most articulate but brutal and impactful productions out there. Everything Cassius has put out since this slams too, but this track has a special place in my heart for some reason.”

Justin Martin – Back To The Jungle (Chris Lorenzo Remix)

“It doesn’t get better than Chris Lorenzo’s bass. Full stop, end of. He’s an absolute wizard of the low end and this combination of him and another of my favourites, Justin Marti,n is next level.”

Solid Groove – This Is Sick

“The switch in this tune never gets old, I must’ve played it 1,000 times yet it still surprises me. This is the kind of off the wall, forward-pushing, future-looking production I get off on. I like it weird and wonky.”

Azzido Da Bass – Dooms Night (Timo Mass Remix)

“A classic with a fairly permanent place in every set I play. Even after all these years it still sounds so hot and I never get bored of hearing it.”

Joy Orbison – Pinky Ring

“A masterclass in bass and wobble right here. Everything in its right place and ready to melt your face off when pushed through a big sound system. I love Joy Orbison.”

Bakey – Persnal 

“Bakey is making some of the most exciting bass and speed garage in the UK right now, and this tune does it for me.”


“If I could channel the kind of confidence that this drop contains I’d be really f*cking dangerous, you know? It’s outrageous and I’m very deeply in love with it.”

Hint – At The Dance (VIP Instrumental)

“Now this is my kind of bounce, this treads a line between hip hop, breaks and house masterfully, with a bassline that makes me feel like skanking on Mars. I’m big into it.”

Coki & Benga – Night

“If the end is nigh and we’re leaving some stuff in a time machine for the aliens to find, let this track be on there. So minimal. So confident. Every element in the production is doing its job so perfectly with the strength of 10,000 samples that could never. Long live Benga. “

Mosca – Bax

“This tune never lets me down. Always a guaranteed party pleaser. Still as fresh as the day it was made.”

More information on lau.ra’s upcoming releases and dates can be found here.

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