#MyRecordBag – Øyvind Morken reveals his top ten Scandinavian electronic classics

A longstanding resident at Oslo‘s legendary Jaeger club, Øyvind Morken has built a reputation for being something of a musical chameleon, both through his diverse DJ sets and productions on labels such as Moonlighting, Full Pupp, Mysticisms and Gravity Graffiti (not to mention his 2017 cassette mixtape, Road Trippin‘, on L.I.E.S. Records).

He’s also a member of Wild Flowers, a collaborative venture with Kaman Leung, which released the album Reactivate on Snick Snack Music last Spring, showcasing their eclectic, dancefloor-driven style. 909originals caught up with them last May to chat about that project – the interview can be found here.

Following on from that, 909originals asked Øyvind to name his top ten Scandinavian electronic classics – expect an eclectic selection, in keeping with the man himself. Let’s get this party started! 🙂

Paha Sapa – Dawn

“Incredible emotional electronica from an unknown duo of studio musicians. Sounds a bit like early The Black Dog or Plaid, but almost 10 years a head of them. I heard some rumors that Paha Sapa had recorded an album that never came out, and I managed to track down a digital copy for my listening pleasure.”

Pizzy Yelliot – Could You Be Loved (Mungolian Jetset 303 Acid Mix)

“My good friends Pål Strangefruit and Knut Sævik’s project. Totally crazy acid with loads of humour thrown in.”

Prins Emanuel – Principen

“Such beauty – I get goosebumps all over when I listen to this. Sometimes I play this to a full dancefloor.”

Kango’s Stein Massive – Saltvann (Prins Thomas Sint Humle Miks)

“Early Prins Thomas remix of Kango, aka Jackmaster Dahle. Pretty bonkers compared to the silky sweet remises Thomas does now. Always fun to play.”

Ismistik – Option Base

“Bjørn Torske and Ole J. Mjos in full-on techno mode. I love all of Bjørn Torske’s work, but I am always hoping for something new sounding more like this coming from him again.”

Gilles Obermayer – African Flirt

“Not really electronic, but something you can hear in some of my DJ sets. I love African percussion music, totally awesome that this is a Norwegian record. Pretty expensive, but you can find a copy here and there in used shops in Norway if you spend the time searching.”

Ken Dang – Born In Borneo

“A certified Daniele Baldelli classic – it had every digger on the planet looking for a copy for a while. Also a really non-Norwegian, Norwegian record.”

Det Gylne Triangel – Bengali Radio

“Most people know Maskin Dans, but this is just as good. I did a DJ mix that was released on cassette on L.I.E.S. about 5 years ago. I put this on it, in an edited version.”

Air Frog – Bon Voyage

“I had to put something from Svek on here. Hard choice, as there is so much stuff on there that I have played over the years. But this hits the spot, some kind of crazy samba techno. Jesper Dahlback is so underrated.”

Zoo – Jeg Robot

“Let’s close out this party with a classic. Jeg Robot (I robot) has all that classic Norwegian stiffness, it has loads of humour and does not take it self seriously. Disco done in Norwegian.”

Thanks Øyvind for the playlist. More information on Wild Flowers can be found here, or log on here to learn about his current solo projects.

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