Gaetano Parisio blends old and new on the ‘Fragments 2930’ EP on Conform Records

Italian techno maestro Gaetano Parisio recently announced the relaunch of his Conform Records imprint, with two monster releases of tracks from the label’s back catalogue Conform 20th Century (1997-2000), which was released on 7 May, and Conform 21st Century (2000 onwards).

As he told us in an interview last year, “I tried to keep myself as faithful as possible to Conform’s past, starting with involving those who worked with me at the beginning of the project.

“Subsequently there will be space to produce new artists, perhaps from the new generation. I like the idea of ​​giving the new generation the opportunity to have a platform that allows them to show their qualities and above all their vision of music.”

Now, the Neapolitan artist is marking his own return to production with the Fragments 2930 EP on Conform, which blends both the high-impact techno that made the label’s name, along with modern elements.

Fragments 2930 was initially conceived as a single sound block, before later being fragmented into these six single units – also, as represented in its title, it includes the catalogue numbers 29 and 30, with the double vinyl characteristic of a two-release miniseries.

It’s further proof, if it were needed, that Conform’s discography is set to continue to evolve and produce more future classics.

Fragments 2930 was released on vinyl at the end of May and has just landed on digital platforms in recent days. You can purchase it here.

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