Vintage Ibiza Flyers transports us back to some magical nights on the White Isle

The world might have moved on from the era of the club flyer, but back in the Ibiza of yesteryear, these little pieces of disposable art were akin to a local currency – offering money off, two-for-one entries and occasional free drinks.

Most of all, however, they were mementos of some of the best nights ever spent on the White Isle. And it’s a collection that’s only getting bigger.

If, like us, you’re pining for the good old days at the moment, the Vintage Ibiza Flyers account on Instagram, which launched last month, is just the tonic – at the moment, there are around 150 flyers on display, including some from the island’s formative years (from clubs such as Ku and Amnesia), as well as classics from Manumission and Sundays At Space.

Too many incredible memories to count, in other words.

The Vintage Ibiza Flyers team are open to flyer donations (either digital or physical), so if you have any old Ibiza flyers lying around, make sure you DM them.

It’s enough to make you miss that 1,000 peseta discount on a vodka limon… 🙂 Check out the collection by clicking here.

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