“It was about ‘how do you make classicist impressionism, how do you make black opera’?” Goldie deconstructs legendary album ‘Timeless’

Goldie’s Timeless, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last summer, re-wrote the rulebook on drum ‘n’ bass, combining atmospheric strings and ethereal vocals with some heavy underground beats.

As part of the interview, its creator will delve into the album’s creation, as part of the Classic Album Sundays series, hosted on Facebook and YouTube.

Reviewing Timeless in Melody Maker, back in 1995, David Stubbs described it as “a relentlessly awesome compendium of the hardest, fastest, most pulse-racing, shocking, inventive, most sophisticated and finely wrought modernistic music you’ll hear anywhere right now.

“This is more than just a sonic slalom through some of jungle’s darkest, outermost and undiscovered thickets. This is like the man boasts. This is art.”

And it’s lost none of its energy in the years since.

Hosted by NTS Radio presenter Debonair, this week’s Classic Album Sundays episode will be a journey into Goldie’s uniquely conceptual approach to music and how he saw the world in the summer that Timeless was created.

This includes legendary stories such as how he stormed “into Pete Tong’s office with a pitbull”, demanding to be signed, was kicked out of Kiss FM for accosting the then-head of music, and whether a sequel was ever on the cards.

As he explains, “I knew I was never going to make ‘Timeless 2’ because this wasn’t about commercial sales, it was about ‘how do you make classicist impressionism, how do you make black opera?'”

Elsewhere, Goldie will offers his thoughts on moving forward in a post-COVID world, “What got us out of those things before? The human spirit, the art, poetry – the language of love. The idea of sharing something with one’s neighbour. It’s faith more than ever that we need, I’m not religious, but the music is spiritual.”

The interview was broadcast via Facebook and YouTube at 8pm GMT on Sunday 31 January. In case you missed it, you can check it out below.

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