Andrew Weatherall’s radio shows for NTS are so well curated they belong in a museum

“What I love about music is how you embark on a journey that you’re never going to finish, no matter how long you live…”
Andrew Weatherall, speaking in 2009

Since the passing of Andrew Weatherall – DJ, producer and musical visionary – the outpouring of respect for one of music’s true mavericks has been huge, with fans trawling the archives to uncover a myriad of stellar mixes from over the years – leading to the creation of the Weatherdrive by The Flightpath Estate, a Google Drive folder that contains some 900 hours of material (and is continuing to grow).

For us here at 909originals, Weatherall’s encyclopaedic knowledge of music was best encapsulated by his monthly show for online station NTS, Music’s Not For Everyone, which kicked off in 2014 and featured everything from rockabilly to Tibetan drone music, all expertly curated by the man himself.

With that in mind, and because we reckon Music’s Not For Everyone belongs in a museum, 909originals has compiled five years’ worth of our favourite Weatherall NTS shows, starting in 2015 and running up to his final show on 30 January 2020, which concluded, in enigmatic Weatherall fashion, with CYM’s ethereal Capra.

Click here to listen to shows from 2015
Click here to listen to shows from 2016
Click here to listen to shows from 2017
Click here to listen to shows from 2018
Click here to listen to shows from 2019 and 2020

For those suffering a bout of the blues, or indeed needing a pick me up during these unprecedented times, we recommend picking a random show from the selection below and starting from there.

Or, as the great man might have put it, “fail we may, sail we must…”

[The full archive of Andrew Weatherall’s NTS shows is available here]

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