Inner City team up with Idris Elba to support ‘Detroit Will Breathe’ campaign

House legends Inner City have teamed up with actor Idris Elba to launch a music video for their track We All Move Together, to raise funds for the youth-led militant organisation Detroit Will Breathe.

The video was filmed in Detroit alongside members of the Detroit Will Breathe collective, and will help to “embody the spirit of momentum by the people,” according to Elba. “When we all move together, change becomes inevitable”.

Detroit Will Breathe was established earlier this year to fight against police brutality and systemic racism in Detroit, in line with the goals of the Black Lives Matter movement.

It already has an impressive list of achievements under its belt, including mobilising to demand justice and answers for Priscilla Slater, who was found dead in a jail cell, as well as facilitating a public tribunal where citizens could give testimonies of brutality, leading to the suspension of one police officer and investigations into a further 11.

“With the challenges in Michigan, the US, and further afield, specific to what we are facing with the BLM movement, we deeply felt that we wanted to release a culturally significant and impactful video that not only embodies the message of the track, but that also directly benefits the Detroit Will Breathe individuals and collectives on the frontline of the movement in the city,” Inner City commented.

“Our platform can shine global light on the amazing work they do, and it takes the message of the track to an even higher place. We All Move Together.”

You can donate to Detroit Will Breathe’s General Fund and Legal Fund by clicking here:

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