Check out this report on Ireland’s independent music scene in the late 90s

From 1993 until 2003, No Disco was Ireland’s premier alternative music show, with Uaneen Fitzsimons (RIP) and Leagues O’Toole showcasing the latest releases from a myriad of underground artists, both Irish and international.

The programme was also a staunch supporter of the local independent music scene, as this report from 1997 showcases.

Featuring contributions from Decal, Martin Thomas of Strictly Fish, Brian Spollen of Quadraphonic, Johnny Moy of Influx and others, it also offers a snapshot of the state of Ireland’s indie and electronic music sector at the tail end of the 90s.

“We took over a very run down space, tatted it up, made it more tacky than it actually was, and created a good atmosphere, for people to enjoy themselves,” Martin Thomas says of the creation of Dublin club Rí-Rá.

Elsewhere, commenting on Influx’s business model, Johnny Moy says, “You’ve got to make money to survive, but money isn’t our main motivation. Changing the face of music would be more of a motivation to me.

“You’ve got to make cash, but obviously we put quality first all the time.”

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