Portuguese techno artists showcase lockdown inspiration on ‘Máquinas Em Manobras’

Anyone who has spent a lost weekend in Portugal knows that the country has a blistering underground techno scene – away from the cut-price tourist bars of Lisbon’s Barrio Alto, for example, the capital is awash with secret acid house haunts.

While lockdown has put the club scene on hold, electronic act 2jack4u – the brainchild of Acid Mary and Jack Drop – have brought together 22 electronic music producers and 16 graphic and visual artists under the Máquinas Em Manobras project.

Over the past few weeks Máquinas Em Manobras (which translates as ‘Machines In Manoeuvres’) presented each artist with a ‘sonic sketch’ from 2jack4u, and were asked to use it as the starting point for a track, with visual artists then presenting their own representations of each track.

The net result of this ‘isolation anthology’ project is mix of high energy acid techno and abstract sonic sketches, offering a glimpse into network of Portuguese artistry from a number of emerging talents, all made under unprecedented conditions.

Tracks have been unveiled on a weekly basis since May 25th by OpAmp, a Lisbon-based platform that connects artists from varying disciplines.

The compilation is free to download, with the final tracks set to be revealed in the coming days. Check it out by clicking here.


01 808 (I Am On Acid) – 2jack4u + Citizen:kane / Prince Of Combro
02 We’ve Come To Be – 2jack4u + Roundhouse Kick + Violeta / Minotaura
03 Maanpakolaisuus – 2jack4u + Zentex / Júlio F. R. Costa
04 Mannush – 2jack4u + Rui Maia / Clothilde
05 (The) Meandered Mr Psst – 2jack4u + Pmds + Mestre André / Daniel Neves
06 Broke(N) – 2jack4u + Fonzo / Margarida Lacerda
07 With No Name – 2jack4u + Mocho / Vitor Serrano
08 Liberator – 2jack4u + Unnaturalism + Menino Da Mãe / Márcio Matos
09 Kobaia – 2jack4u + Berllioz / Distorted Vision
10 Sleepless – 2jack4u + Alexis Nembrode + Aqob / Georges-andré + Vjtor
11 Stuffy Sense (Blooded) – 2jack4u + Alex Fx / João Augusto (Avgvstv.z) + Jorge Moreira (Brain Legos)
12 Chaincat – 2jack4u + Moreno Ácido + Vso / State Of Things
13 The Importance Of – 2jack4u + Rui Antunes + Violeta Azevedo + Ondness / Paulo Uliarud
14 Anagrama De Solstício – 2jack4u + Switchdance + Jerry The Cat / Mr. Coofs

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