Check out the absolute SCENES from Fantazia Takes You Into Summertime, which took place on this day in 1992

On this day (15 May) in 1992, rave promoters Fantazia put on their largest party to date, with an estimated 16,000 nutters descending on Matchams Park Stadium in Bournemouth for Fantazia Takes You Into Summertime.

Running from 8pm to 8am, and featuring legends such as Ellis Dee, Easygroove, Top Buzz, Ratpack, Slipmatt, Ratty, not to mention a young Alexander Coe, aka Sasha, the warm weather and plentiful supply of… well, supplies… made for a heady mix, as the video below demonstrates.

A couple of years back, DJ Mag’s Oil Warwick caught up with the Fantazia massive to track the formative years of the rave crew – as well as their legacy – with Fantazia Takes You Into Summertime cited as a turning point for those involved; the ‘ultimate sonic and visual experience’, as the poster for the event put it.

‘The license was for 8,000 attendees but most estimates suggest the number was closer to double that on the night,’ the article reads.

‘As well as people jumping the fence, [Fantazia co-founder, RIP] Gideon Dawson had printed and distributed extra tickets to avoid having to travel the country to shift smaller amounts as shops sold out. Dawson was fired from Fantazia after this blunder, and went on to run the Obsession events instead.

‘But despite the extra numbers, the wheels didn’t come off. The party at Matcham’s is widely considered one of the best events Fantazia organised — a perfect combination of Ibiza-like sunny weather, and the striking setting in the centre of a raceway track.’

In other words… blissful.

If anyone has a DeLorean lying around, we’ll pay good money to shotgun the passenger seat… 🙂

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