Check out these old pirate radio recordings from DLR 106 and Sunset FM

The sun is out, the beers are in the cooler… yes, we’re in lockdown, but bank holiday weekends still have that sparkle. But what to put on the stereo?

As luck would have it, 909originals was clearing out an old hard drive yesterday and stumbled upon these recordings from two of Ireland’s most influential pirate radio stations of the 90s, DLR 106 and Sunset FM.

The REMIX Buzz Chart on DLR, from August 1993, with tracks from Orbital, Kathy Brown, Murk Sound Crowd and others, and a plug for The Sanctuary nightclub in Dun Laoghaire – “Members only… and no sportswear, no jerseys – football or otherwise – no tracksuits, no hooded tops and no trainers”

The Sound Crowd Record Show on Sunset FM, from some time in 1994, with tracks from tracks from Dan Man & The General, Eternal Basement, Mind Becomes Drum and more

A sample of the REMIX Battle of the DJs 1993 on DLR, including a performance from ‘Mizta Fantastic’, as well as the ‘Shopping List’ review of the latest releases

Another Sound Crowd Record Show from Sunset FM in 1994, with tracks from artists including Underground Resistance, Sound Crowd Orchestra, Terminator Benelux and Art of Trance… the latter with a record “so cool you could store a pound of mince on it for a month”

You’re welcome. Now pull the tab off a cold one and party like it’s 1994… 🙂

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