THROWBACK THURSDAY: Loco Mía – Loco Mía [1989]

The summer may be taking a turn for the damp, so why not warm up your spirits with a solid gold Balearic classic?

Spanish new wave pop act Loco Mía might have been better known for their oversized matador outfits [We have since been reliably informed that the costumes are based on baroque clothing, and are not, in fact matador costumes – thanks @ThingInABook] and epic fan twirling, but with their self-titled 1989 single, Loco Mía, they tapped into an altogether different movement… the Ibiza scene.

Taken from the album Taiyo, released on EMI’s Hispavox imprint, the video for Loco Mía was filmed on the White Isle, and captures the nascent thrill of the island in its formative years – Dalt Vila and Café Del Mar make an appearance, as does the odd bared breast or two (NSFW, people!).

And fan twirling. Lots of fan twirling.

The lyrics aren’t much cop, to be fair (“Disco, Ibiza, Loco Mía! / Moda, Ibiza, Loco Mía!”), but if you thought the chorus of Elkin & Nelson’s Jibaro was catchy, this gives it a serious run for its money.

If you’re thinking ‘this would have worked perfectly at Danny Rampling’s Shoom’, you’d be right – Rampling would go on to remix the track for its UK release on Parlophone, shedding most of the lyrics in favour of a more dancefloor-friendly vibe.

Loco Mía would continue to record until 2013, but the recent history of the group is a sad one; in the summer of 2018, group members Santos Blanco and Frank Romero died within a month of each other, at the age of just 46. RIP.

All together now… “Looocooooo Mía!”

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