What’s the best way to file your vinyl? This article from 1997 tries to find out… [June 1997]

I’ve often found it amusing to see DJs posting pictures of themselves on Instagram surrounded by piles of vinyl, ‘selecting’ their tunes for a forthcoming gig… only for the subsequent pictures from said gig showing them standing in front of a pair of CD decks, with ne’er a vinyl in sight…

Back in the 90s, of course, you didn’t really have an option – vinyl was the only option.

And just as grading one’s FLACs or MP3s takes time and precision – does this go under Tribal House, Progressive House or just House? – so structuring your vinyl collection in an easy-to-find manner is was a fine art.

This article from MUZIK magazine in 1997 sought to answer that question, asking some of the biggest names in dance music, including David Morales, Roger Sanchez, Lottie and Junior Vasquez how they file their records.

What is the best way to file your vinyl? This MUZIK article from 1997 tries to find out… [June 1997]

As the article reveals, storage systems range from meticulous (hat tip to Sub Club’s Harri for sorting tracks by BPM!) to chaotic, with Morales admitting that most of his collection is “in no order whatsoever. The new stuff in the office, I just try and figure it out, but it’s still not in any order.

“The longest I’ve spent looking for a record? A whole day, only to find I’d given it away.”

[Article taken from MUZIK Magazine, June 1997]

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