Check out this video from the opening party of The Kitchen nightclub in Dublin… [February 1994]

Despite operating for just over eight years (I had the pleasure of working there for three of them), The Kitchen Nightclub was arguably the best purpose-built venue in Dublin’s clubbing history, with a whopper soundsystem, red velour sofas and a moat around the dancefloor.

Located under The Clarence Hotel, and owned by U2, the club opened its doors in February 1994, and RTE was there to capture it, with Bono and co. arriving to an assembled throng of reporters and media types.

“Who are you hoping will come to the club?” the reporter asks Bono.

“People who are cool enough to leave me alone,” is the rock star’s reply. “The sort of people you like to hang out with anyway. There’s no VIP room… hopefully there’ll be special treatment for everybody that wants to queue up and come in.”

Click the image below to open the video in a new window.

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