THE FACE goes clubbing in Chicago, c.1986…

While I may have been too young to fully appreciate it at the time, THE FACE magazine was undoubtedly a barometer of the direction youth culture was headed in the 1980s and early 90s. (In fact, I am the proud owner of several seminal c.1991-1994 copies, having discovered them in a rubbish tip some years back – more on that another time).

As I write this, there are reportedly plans to resurrect this once-glorious title… not a moment too soon.

In 1986, the magazine’s Sheryl Garratt ventured to Chicago to spend time with the  pioneers leading the charge in the city’s nascent house scene. This article was kindly reprinted by the excellent some years back, and it’s thanks to them that I am able to share it with you.

““You’ll leave there a changed person. You might go and seek religion afterwards! You’ll love it. It’s gonna be hot, it’s gonna be sweaty, and it’s gonna be great. What you’ll experience is honest-to-goodness, get down, low down, gutsy, grabbin’ type music. Boom boom boom!”


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