12 TUNES OF CHRISTMAS: Incredible Intros. #4: Pump Panel – Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction) [1995]

We continue our countdown of the most inspirational intros in dance music history with a track that took three years to come to prominence, thanks to its inclusion in vampire movie Blade.

Pump Panel’s Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction) was initially released on FFRR in 1995 (alongside the excellent Re-Mover) and has to be one of the sickest New Order remixes/covers of all time. The track is peppered with highly distorted vocal snippets from the Arthur Baker-produced original, the only hint of familiarity about the Pump Panel edit.

But then again, with a TB-303 riff this epic, who cares?

Pump Panel was the alter ego of producers Tim Taylor and Dan Zamani, who were occasionally joined by stalwarts of the techno scene including Alexi Delano, Cari Lekebusch and Damon Wild. Notably, Taylor was also the man behind Egyptian Empire’s The Horn Track, a similarly epic techno stomper from 1991. Nice to have both that AND Confusion on your CV.

And as for its use in Blade? Some 20 years after the movie was first released, it’s well worth another watch – arguably the best nightclub scene in movie history. If I ever meet the individual who selected that particular piece of music to accompany it, I’m buying him or her a drink.


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[Kudos to Imma Santos and Yoda for the YouTube uploads]

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