Liam and Noel Gallagher invade clubland… [November 1996]

Back in the mid 90s, you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing a blast of Wonderwall over the old tannoy…  including your local nightclub, with a myriad of house and drum and bass remixes released to cash in on the Gallagher brothers’ anthem.

This article from MUZIK magazine in November 1996 looks at the manner in which Oasis invaded clubland (temporarily, anyway), with DJs such as Justin Robertson and Richard Fearless waxing lyrical about ‘what nice young men’ Liam and Noel are, and a preview of The Chemical Brothers’ Setting Sun, released that same month, which featured Noel on guest vocals.

“Some might say (sorry!) it’s just Loops of Fury Part Two with a sandpaper-voiced bloke shouting some nonsense over it. If you didn’t know that it was Noel singing on it, you would probably never guess, so swamped in classic barbed-wire breakbeats is his voice. And small-minded record company politics have meant his contribution to the record cannot even be officially mentioned.”

The article also highlights some Wonderwall bootlegs of the time: two of which, thanks to the miracle of YouTube, 909originals is able to present for your listening pleasure (discretion advised, seriously)…

Lewis Parker – Wonderwall

DeeJay Friendly – Blow Ya Whistle (Pianoasis mix)

[Article from MUZIK Magazine, November 1996, words by Calvin Bush and Marc Roland]

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