NME heads to Manchester to sample the ‘real’ Acid House scene… [October 1988]

“In magazines I read of the ‘London House Explosion’ and how they thought it up… that’s ludicrous! It’s been played in Manchester for years…”

This article from the NME, by journalist Sarah Champion, puts the spotlight on the Manchester scene circa late 1988; at a time when much of the British press’ attention was on nights such as Shoom and Spectrum in London, the northern city had a nascent scene of its own… and was keen to spread the word about it.

There are inputs from artists such as Terrajacks, Mike Pickering and Biting Tongues, and a somewhat amusing anecdote about A Guy Called Gerald, fresh from the success of Voodoo Ray:

‘There’s a story going round that proves this guy’s dedication. After jacking in his McDonald’s job for a career in house, his dole claim forms were caught up in the postal strike. For six weeks he has been penniless. But despite lacking even enough money for a bus fare, he still made it to the studio last week… by walking seven miles across town lugging his SIX ‘acid machines’ in carrier bags…’

And of course, a welcome chunk of the article is devoted to The Hacienda; as its PR man Paul Conns states: “The Hacienda has always been ahead of The South. In London, Acid House is all a scam, because they’re just starting to re-release tracks that were played in The Hacienda two years ago, and sell it as something totally new.”

[Kudos to Archived Music Press for the upload, Picture by Peter Walsh, NME 1988]

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