THROWBACK THURSDAY: OFF – Electrica Salsa [1986]

As Sven Väth celebrates his 53rd birthday, 909originals celebrates one of the diamonds in the Cocoon maestro’s bejewelled crown.

Under the pseudonym OFF, Sven released Electrica Salsa in 1986, the first single off the Organisation for Fun album. With its fantastically anarchic video – Watch Sven dance with a robot! Watch Sven dance with a beer hall full of confused Germans! Watch Sven gurn for the camera! – the track was a hit in Italy, where it hit the number one spot, as well as achieving hit status in Austria (2), Germany (3) and France (3).

In the UK, where Wham! and The Commundards were among that year’s biggest selling artists, Electrica Salsa achieved a lowly 86th position. Boo!

Considering what Sven has achieved in the years since, it’s reassuring to know that he was just as bonkers three decades ago as he is right now.

All together now…

I warn you about my secret,
I’m going to expose…
A great threat to your bodies,
To your mind and souls.
Don’t be alarmed,
It doesn’t spell danger,
Stumble in the groove,
Dance with a stranger…
Don’t have to ask you to get up
You’ll do it on your own!

Happy birthday Sven, you absolute mentaler…! [Kudos to Benito Benites for the upload]

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