The UK Charts from this week 25 years ago are a raver’s paradise… [October 1992]

A lot has been written in the past about how acid house stormed the charts at the start of the 90s, but the official UK chart from 25 years ago this week is a proper time capsule…

Not only is The Shamen’s Ebeneezer Goode at number one (“its fourth week at the top!”), but there are enough rave classics on there to keep you lit all the way round the M25.

Dr Alban’s It’s My Life is right behind Mr C and the boys, with Bizarre Inc’s I’m Gonna Get You (6), Doctor Spin’s Tetris (12) and Snap’s Rhythm is a Dancer at 14.

Further down it gets even more interesting, with The Prodigy’s chart-unfriendly Fire/Jericho at 21, Messiah’s I Feel Love at 31, and the EPIC Don’t You Want Me by Felix at 46.

Special mention should go to Acen’s Trip II The Moon, which places 71st, sadly not high enough to make it onto Top of the Pops, which is a crying shame…

Recently departed from the charts at the time were U96’s Das Boot, Urban Shakedown’s Bass Shake and High by Hyper Go Go. What a time to be alive!

[Kudos to obscureoldskool for the upload]

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