Bushwacka on how ‘that’ Billie Jean remix came together

For anyone that went clubbing in mid to late 2001, Matthew Bushwacka‘s remix of Billie Jean soundtracked many a night out. 

Within a few weeks of its release, the cheeky bootleg of the Michael Jackson classic rose from white label status to become one of the biggest tracks of that year – and copies of which still command a decent sum on Discogs.

On his Facebook page this week, Bushwacka shared the story of how the mix came together, and it makes for some amusing reading.

As he puts it, “I walked into my mate’s record shop in Kensington High Street – Carbon Records, and the manager said ‘Hey Matthew – we just got your new record in’. ‘What new record – I haven’t put anything out?’, I asked.

“There were 200 copies of a one sided yellow label record with ‘Billy Bushwacked’ written on it. I had been bootlegged.”

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