Tronic’s 25th anniversary live stream is all you need to be watching this evening…

Strictly? Pah! If you want a quality Saturday evening’s entertainment, tune in to Beatport’s Twitch channel for a special broadcast to mark 25 years of Christian Smith’s Tronic Records label.

Featuring Carl Cox, Joey Beltram, Mark Broom, Harry Romero, Fernanda Martins, Truncate and more – including, of course, Christian himself – it all kicks off at 3pm EST (8pm UK time) and runs until the early hours.

Swedish native Smith founded Tronic in 1994, “purely out of passion because I did not want to be constrained to other labels wants and needs,” as he put it in a recent interview.

“It’s amazing because I never really aimed for Tronic to become a top-selling techno label. I just wanted an outlet where I can release music that I play in my sets.”

Today, the label is one of the leading techno imprints worldwide, and has had a busy 2020, with releases from Andres Campo, Drunken Kong, Hannes Bieger, Anna Reusch and others.

See you down the (virtual) front! 🙂

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