Watch a special screening of ‘Notes On Rave In Dublin’ this Friday for Culture Night

Arguably the finest documentary to capture the formative years of the Irish capital’s electronic music scene, Notes on Rave in Dublin will be getting a free online airing this Friday for Culture Night.

The documentary tracks the development of dance music in Dublin from the underground venues of the 1980s and early 90s, through to the commercial superclubs and illicit parties that would go on to define the scene.

Following the screening, there will also be a special airing of a panel discussion that took place in December 2017 at Liberty Hall with Sunil Sharpe, Liam Dollard, Aoife Ni Canna, Francois Pittion and Kevin Barry sharing their reflections of Dublin’s dance legacy with Kate Butler.

In the spirit of the project, Rabble is asking members of the public to share their own rave reminiscences, thoughts and memories, with a view to collating them as part of a digital archive, inspired by efforts like, the Manchester Lapsed Clubber project, and other archive projects.

Tickets for the screening are free, but there is an option to give a donation with all proceeds going to MASI – the Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland, a particularly worthy cause in these challenging times.

909originals chatted to director James Redmond last year, in which he discussed how the documentary came about when he was working for Dublin Community Television, and sought to bring together the somewhat disparate accounts of clubbing in the capital.

“Dance music history has always been a pretty fascinating subject for me, but apart from fragmented accounts on bulletin boards or stories passed down from older mates there wasn’t really anything out there for the screen about Dublin,” Redmond explained.

“There were some productions from the national broadcaster akin to ‘scene reports’, but nothing looking back on the legacy of it.

“For a lot of people of a certain generation in the city, the story and the shape I tell it in is probably obvious enough; but for folks of my age and younger, it was a serious black hole in a culture close to our hearts. It was a big cultural earthquake, this whole rave thing, which that even reached those of us down in the Irish countryside practicing ‘Leeroy’ dances at GAA discos.” 🙂

In other words, it’s essential viewing for anyone who’s ever ‘reached for the lasers’. For ticket information, click here.

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