Check out this video from Fun City, which took place in Dublin in July 1990

Fun City, which took place at Dublin’s Point Theatre on 20 July 1990, was, for many, a pivotal moment in the development of the rave scene in the Irish capital.

The event, subtitled ‘The Dawn Of A New Age’, welcomed international acts such as Rebel MC, Coldcut, Betty Boo, Candy Flip and soul diva Jocelyn Brown, as well as the best of Irish DJ talent, including DJ Mek, Cutmaster J, DJ Sherlock and DJ Control.

Kicking off at 8pm and running well into the early hours, it was the first time that a major, licensed ‘dance’ event took place in Ireland, paving the way for the likes of Heaven on Earth, Psyclone Zone and the Mansion House raves to follow.

There was also, somewhat bizarrely, a fashion show running alongside the main event… in hindsight, this might have been for licensing reasons. 🙂

All in all, though, not bad for £15, which equates to around €33 these days, if adjusted for inflation.

Recapping the event in the Evening Herald, the organisers of the event were keen to push the ‘drug-free’ nature of proceedings. “The music’s fast hypnotic beat puts dancers into a trance-like state, and that’s why it was tagged acid,” commented Colin Hatt of Sunrise Promotions.

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With such a monumental event taking place, RTE sent a camera crew along to capture the madness (uploaded to YouTube by some thoughtful raver), which kicks off with a suitably apt quote from Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy:

“Then there was a slight whisper, a sudden spacious whisper of open ambient sound. Every hi fi set in the world, every radio, every television, every cassette recorder, every woofer, every tweeter, every mid-range driver in the world quietly turned itself on.

Every tin can, every dust bin, every window, every car, every wine glass, every sheet of rusty metal became activated as an acoustically perfect sounding board…” 🙂

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