From Freakshow to Disco Invaders… Cocoon Ibiza was the White Isle’s best party during the 2000s

If this were any other year, a Monday night in Ibiza would have been synonymous with one thing (no, not Manumission!)… Sven Väth’s legendary Cocoon Ibiza parties.

Backed by a merry band of lunatics including Ricardo Villalobos, Madga, Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice, Luciano and others, Cocoon rode the techno wave like no other night has done so since… indeed, for its 20th year on the island last year, Sven and co even convinced Kraftwerk to come and perform a set.

But for us here at 909originals, the golden years of Cocoon Ibiza were from the early to late 2000s; a time of seriously warped techno and equally warped marketing.

Exhibit A: check out Sven in action here from Cocoon’s fifth season, in 2004.

So, without further ado, here are five of our favourite seasons at Cocoon Ibiza…

Wildlife, 2005

This was a period in which techno took on a particularly ‘wonky’ edge, via tracks such as Hugg & Pepp’s Snablen and Akzidenz Grotesk’s Isbjorn (celebrated in this epic video of ‘Papa’ rocking an afterparty in short shorts). Visually, it saw Sven and co don warpaint and come across like a hedonistic version of Lord of The Flies.

Disco Invaders, 2008

The ninth season of Cocoon Ibiza was subtitled Disco Invaders, and saw Sven, Richie Hawtin et al join an intergalactic space fleet. We particularly like the bemused look on Ricardo Villalobos’ face… given that he’s spent most of his DJ career drifting past Saturn and Neptune, he probably finds the whole affair a bit naff.

Morph To Extreme, 2003

The fourth season of Cocoon Ibiza was dubbed Morph To Extreme, and with big tracks of that year ranging from LFO’s Freak to Ricardo Villalobos’ Easy Lee, it was one of the most musically eclectic years on the White Isle. The accompanying branding, which saw the Cocoon crew undergo some serious facial readjustment, was therefore quite apt.

Freakshow, 2007

Papa Sven has always proven to be a somewhat astute ringmaster, and the 2007 edition of Cocoon Ibiza saw him indulge his occult side. Freakshow by name was indeed Freakshow by nature, as Amnesia was filled with all sorts of bizarre creatures – with Sven himself taking the role of magician-in-chief.

Wildlife 2, 2006

The second season of Wildlife demonstrated what happens when you mix a group of DJs with a penchant for the hedonistic with a make up kit and sone seriously dodgy fashion accessories. Richie looks like he’s just walked off the set of an Ealing comedy (with a black eye to boot), while Ricardo is channelling his inner Ultimate Warrior. Seriously, though, would you buy a used car from any of these men?

Please share your favourite Cocoon Ibiza memories in the comments below!

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