Mutts, maracas and mullets… Why the video for Electra’s ‘Jibaro’ is a kitsch classic [August 1988]

Arguably THE quintessential Balearic Beat track of all time, Jibaro, by the Paul Oakenfold-led Electra, was released in August 1988, hitting a high of 54 on the UK Singles chart.

Jibaro was a cover of a track by Colombian duo Elkin and Nelson (not credited on the track’s sleeve), which received regular airplay at KU and other legendary Ibiza nightspots.

The accompanying video (apologies for the poor quality), shot on the White Isle, is a kitsch masterpiece, with maracas, mutts and a truly epic mullet, as showcased by Señor Oakenfold.

Oh, and if you watch the video carefully, you will see that Oakey is actually playing the guitar upside down… how’s that for a subversive statement on the changing nature of the music industry in the late 80s?

It’s also worth a watch for the (all to brief) shots of Ibiza itself, which was yet to become the clubbing Mecca it is today.

The calm before the storm, if you will…

Electra, meanwhile, a project led by Oakenfold, longtime collaborator Steve Osborne, John Rocca (of jazz-funk outfit Freeez) and a couple of their close mates, would only release three singles in total, bowing out with 1990’s Autumn Love.

All together now… “Jibaro! Come on let’s go..!”

[Kudos to Shoomer for the YouTube upload]

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