Think you know David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’? You’ve never heard it like this before…

As today is ‘Aphex Twin Day’ (Avril 14th), I’ve dug up one from the archives that is perhaps more suited to Halloween than a Saturday afternoon in April.

After all these years, David Bowie’s Heroes still has the power to captivate, and its tale of two drunk, star-crossed lovers is one for the ages…

It has also spawned numerous cover versions and remixes, with Aphex Twin‘s incredible reworking, from his 26 Mixes for Cash album (released 2003), in a league of its own.

Borrowing from composer Philip Glass‘ orchestral version of Heroes, and using Bowie’s isolated lyric from the original, it’s arguably Richard D James’ finest remix, and unlike anything you have ever heard.

Rising and falling string patterns, a la Glass’ Koyaanisqatsi score, are spliced with vocals that feel like they are floating in space, as haunting, discordant voices yell out in the background.

It’s terrifying yet beautiful, and best enjoyed through headphones… although perhaps not in a dark room, alone.

Happy Aphex Twin Day!

[Kudos to CARRS for the upload]

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