Why Underground Resistance don’t celebrate Independence Day… [August 1996]

Hell hath no fury like Mad Mike scorned, as this article from MUZIK magazine in August 1996 demonstrates.

The Underground Resistance head honcho sent a fax (remember them?) to the magazine to illustrate his disgust at a club night at London’s Turnmills that was mistakenly labelled as an ‘Underground Resistance Special’.

“The advertised gig has not been authorised by UR, it is a completely false advertisement which should be totally disregarded,” Mike wrote.

However, the Detroit native reserved particular vitriol not for the promoter, but for the notion of Independence Day itself.

“UR doesn’t and never will celebrate Independence Day, because while one group of people were celebrating their freedom in this country, our forefathers were being forcibly removed from their homes and herded into reservations, or waiting in the bottom of slave ships from Africa for a lifetime of forced labour here in the Americas.”

Fight the power, Mike!

[Article taken from MUZIK magazine, August 1996]

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