Full on cartoon rave hysteria…

A few weeks back, The Guardian ran an enjoyable piece on how ‘cartoon rave’ changed pop – with the likes of Sesame’s Treet by Smart E’s and Urban Hype’s Trip to Trumpton taking over the charts in mid 1992.

‘Some people called this kind of music cartoon rave. Others called it toytown techno,’ the paper wrote. ‘Whatever the name, it proved a brief phenomenon, fading away by autumn 1992, to the delight of more seriously minded rave DJs. Yet this uniquely British sensation, where nostalgia met new electronic production tools and a sense of humour, helped to introduce a generation of children to the joys of electronic music, while many of its producers went on to considerable success.’

This mix, posted by YouTube user Happier onheat, shows just how extensive this microtrend was, with tracks sampling shows such as The Magic Roundabout, Bod, The Muppets, Rainbow and even The Simpsons.

It also contains Horsepower by Bolt, which I have to confess is a guilty pleasure… 🙂


Mark Summers – Summers Magic
GSP – Banana Splits (Cut It Out mix)
Gavin Cheung – Here Comes Bod
Solo – Rainbow
Shaft – Roobarb & Custard
Sons Of Bungle – Rainbow Vibes
Unknown – The Simpsons
Bolt – Horsepower
SOA – Muppets Mayhem
Smart E’s – Loos Control (Sesame Street rave mix)
Children’s Stories – (Charlie &) The Chocolate Factory
Nexus & Blowback – Totally Cabbaged

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