Check out this video of The Prodigy horsing around during the making of ‘Out of Space’… [October 1992]

The Prodigy’s seminal Experience celebrates its 25th birthday today, having been released on 28 September 1992. The fact that the band are still going strong is testament not only to the savage production skills of maestro Liam Howlett, but also the sneering Essex attitude of Keith and Maxim (and latterly Leeroy).

Out of Space, the fifth single released by the group, and the third from Experience, dropped in October of that year, and remains a classic to this day – thanks to its timeless Max Romeo and Ultramagnetic MCs samples.

As this ‘behind the scenes’ clip from the making of the Out of Space video reveals, the lads always found the time to have a laugh while laying down some serious beats.

Special mention must go to Keith and his Vicks Vaporub enhanced ‘mong’ at 2.11.

[Kudos to Firestarter089 for the upload]

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