This video from Homelands Ireland 2000 always makes us smile

Seven months on from its first instalment, 29 April 2000 saw the hosting of the second Homelands Ireland, at Mosney Holiday Centre.

Leftfield, Primal Scream and Ian Brown (whose set only lasted 15 minutes due to ‘technical difficulties’) were the headliners, with the event also hosting arenas hosted by Influx/Redbox, The End, Shine and Sir Henry’s (check out our interview with the FishGoDeep lads about how the latter came together).

Arguably the most craic, however, was to be had in the Lush/2FM arena, where Nick Warren, Col Hamilton, Judge Jules, Jeremy Healy and a motley crew of reprobates kept the party pumping from the moment the gates opened.

This hour-long video of Mr Spring’s (aka Tim Hannigan) set sums up the joyous insanity of that muddy afternoon in County Meath, with tracks including Storm’s Time to Burn, Ariel’s trance classic A9, and the epic Access by DJ Misjah and DJ Tim.

Bear in mind that this set was recorded in the middle of the day… the crowd are so up for it, it might as well be 2am. 🙂

After all, there’s no audience like an Irish audience… particularly when they’re holding a tricolour bedecked with a Mitsubihi logo proudly aloft. Yeah , yeah, f**kin yeah! 🙂

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