“I think after all this, people will go crazy like never before…” 909originals catches up with Ninetoes

Since breaking on to the scene back in 2013 with the track Finder, Stuttgart native Ninetoes has released quality output on imprints such as Moon Harbour, DFTD, Crosstown Rebels, Mobilee and Play It Down.

He also recently launched his own label, Head To Toe, the breakout track for which was the Latin-influenced summer hit Volar La Pluma, released in 2019.

This week, he puts out his first release on Hot Creations, Same Same, which lands on 12 March. You can buy it here.

909originals caught up with him.

How would you describe your latest release, Same Same?

Catchy, sexy and full of energy. 🙂 The EP is made for the dance floor. There is no way to keep your feet still while you listen to both tracks, Same Same and Feel It.

Is this your first release on Hot Creations? Are you a fan of what Jamie Jones and Lee Foss have done with the label?

Yes. It’s my first Hot Creations release and I’m super happy with it. I like most of the Hot Creations releases and play a lot of them in my techy sets. Jamie and Lee are doing a great job and this is why the label has come as far as it is today.

Last year saw you release a track called Quarantine Love – a nod to what we were all going through. How has the past year been for you, was it a productive time?

2020 was for me positive and negative at the same time. It was a very productive year for me. I think I’ve finished more than 30 tracks and worked a lot on my first album, which I will hopefully release this year.

The negative side was the touring situation. I love and miss playing music in front of a nice crowd.

If there is a Ninetoes trademark, it’s probably the little Latin-influenced instrumental riffs that you incorporate into your tracks (Bonita is a good example). Are these generally samples, or do you create them yourself?

When I write music I always go with the flow so there is no specific kind of sample or drum programming. When I’m in the mood to write an afro house track, I do it.

If I’m in the mood for a tech house track, I do it. It’s that simple.

We’re now eight years on from the release of Finder, which was one of the biggest tracks of the 2013 summer. Would it be fair to say that it helped establish your dance music career as well?

Yes, definitely. Finder was the door opener to this world. Without Finder, the world would have never known Ninetoes.

You recently launched the Head To Toe label. What are you seeking to achieve with the label, and what sort of music will you be pushing?

Right now, I’m the only artist who is releasing on Head To Toe, but I’m selecting new music from new and talented artists to release the first Head To Toe compilation this year.

The idea of Head To Toe is: as long as the track will make me dance and feel good, it will be released.

Before producing dance music, you were well known in the hip hop community. What learnings from your time making hip hop did you bring into your dance productions?

A lot of sampling. Sampling is the main tool in producing hip hop music. I love to sample and recreate new music with old and new samples, and put my stamp on the production.

What sort of dance music industry will emerge once this coronavirus pandemic has blown over, do you think? What will have changed?

I hope nothing! I think after all this, people will go crazy like never before. I will definitely go crazy – this is for sure! 🙂

Same Same is released on Hot Creations on 12 March, click here to purchase.

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