Richie Hawtin releases ‘Plastikman x Prada – Soundtracks’ compilation

In keeping with the titular movie, the devil wears Prada… but more than likely listens to Plastikman.

Over the past six months, Richie Hawtin has worked alongside the fashion house, as well as co-creative directors Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, on a series of soundtracks to accompany its spring/summer and fall/winter online runway shows.

Now, these soundtracks have been released, under the title Plastikman x Prada – Soundtracks, on Hawtin’s own From Our Minds label.

As the official press release announcing the release puts it, the first release, Sin Thetik, which accompanied Prada’s spring/summer womenswear collection, “explores thoughts on how technology influences intimacy and sensuality, inspiring my use of AI algorithms to create synthetic voices to inhabit the show’s sonic landscape”.

Narkosis and Spektre, composed to accompany Prada’s fall/winter menswear collection, features “echoes of club beats and synth melodies that appear like a ghost from the past, hopefully waiting for their return”, while Inxtro, developed for the fall/winter womenswear collection, boasts “syncopated hypnotic beats that welcome you first into an ambience of intimacy and sensuality, which then develops in the second half into a more playful and sexually charged rhythm of driving percussion”.

Fairly deep stuff, in other words. Fashion aside, what we’re wondering though is, does it BANG?

The answer would appear to be yes. 🙂

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