Classic horror film Nosferatu has just received a stunning new analog synth soundtrack…

Granted, Halloween was a couple of days ago, but this is still worth a mention – synthesiser aficionado Dieters Monkey, aka John Wilson, has created a brand new analog synth soundtrack for classic horror flick Nosferatu.

Using a Roland JX-8P, ARP Omni mkI, PAIA Vocoder, Korg Polysix and many other vintage analog instruments, Wilson carefully reworked the 1922 score into something akin to a John Carpenter soundtrack, adding to the terror of the expressionist masterpiece.

Commenting on the project, Wilson wrote, “The world’s first cinema Vampire: 1922 FW Murnau’s silent film (Public Domain) with my own musical compositions using 40 year old analog synthesisers to augment the haunting, stylized German expressionist classic. There were many blown capacitors and broken pure silver key trigger wires along the way.

“This film was forced to be destroyed by Bram Stokers widow, due to the obvious plagiarism of 1897’s Dracula. It survived as copies were found in cinemas during the 60’s.

“I have been working on this project for a very long time and the convergence of many themes of Nosferatu and 2020 inspired me to finish it off. I respectfully approached this as my personal homage to all of the great electronic music pioneers of the 1970’s.”

Add in the pallid face of Max Schreck as the titular figurehead, and it brings new life (or should that be death?) to the vampiric odyssey.


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