“Most of all, it’s an album about hope.” Kölsch unveils new album ​Now Here No Where

Following on from his acclaimed trilogy of albums, 1977, 1983 and 1989, Kölsch is dropping his most honest and personal album to date, Now Here No Where, on Kompakt today (25 September). [Click here to purchase]

Described as a ‘sonic diary’, in keeping with these strange and unusual times, Now Here No Where sees the Danish DJ and producer deliver an album packed with ethereal moments as well as traditional floor fillers.

“It is fascinating to write about memories and feelings that have had years to manifest and develop, but how would I approach current emotions?” Kölsch​ says, adding that Now Here No Where is “an album about life in the year 2020 – a time defined by confusion, misinformation and environmental challenges.

“It is an emotional interpretation of personal and mental challenges, observations and personal growth”.

Stand out tracks for us include the orchestral The Great Escape and Shoulder of Giants, the hypnotic Traumfabrik and the slow-building While Waiting For Something To Care About, which captures the latent energy of a generation of clubbers waiting for their moment to return to the dancefloor.

Now Here No Where is Kölsch​’s first long player in three years, and furthers his reputation for emotional, melodic techno. While much of clubland remains closed, the album is infused with a sense of the ‘live experience’ that he has developed a reputation for.

“The amount of energy and joy I experience every time I perform, has a profound effect on me,” he says. “It has inspired me so much of late and has become an integral part of my musicality.

“The way we join in expressing our hope for the future every weekend has given me so much. The club as a temporary autonomous zone, as a space both of freedom and of politics; somehow, that’s all here, Now Here No Where.

“Most of all, it’s an album about hope.”

Now Here No Where is released on Kompakt on Friday 25 September.

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