First Floor’s Shawn Reynaldo on the perils of clubbing returning too soon

One of the best weekly newsletters on the electronic music scene is First Floor, helmed by Barcelona-based Shawn Reynaldo, which offers a straight-talking assessment on the current state of the electronic music industry.

As you might expect, the spectre of COVID-19 and ‘plague raves’ has dominated much of the discussion in recent weeks, as well as several clubs’ and DJ’s valiant efforts to introduce socially-distant clubbing.

This week’s newsletter really hit home with us here at 909originals, as Reynaldo succinctly assesses the fundamental issue at the core of this discussion – are we really THAT DESPERATE to get out partying again?

“Simply put, is partying really worth it right now?” Reynaldo writes. “Especially when the only “safe” party experiences on offer—which, again, may not be completely safe—are also just a janky version of our pre-COVID nights out?

Are people so desperate to resume their old lives that that they’ll accept even the most off-brand version of normality? Maybe so.

“For some people, any sort of partying right now is better than nothing, and that idea perhaps carries some weight—particularly in a society that consistently struggles with concepts like “delayed gratification” and “long-term thinking”—but there are other ways to socialize, connect and hear great music that are 1) actually fun and 2) a lot less likely to sicken (or potentially kill) someone.”

You can read the full essay by clicking here, and make sure you also sign up for the weekly First Floor newsletter, it’s ace. 🙂

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