909rewind Vol. 4… DJ Rap

909rewind Vol. 4… DJ Rap

Welcome to 909rewind, a new series from 909originals that delves into the early careers of some of dance music’s biggest names, uncovering hidden gems and familiar classics from the archives.

We dive into an artist’s back catalogue to uncover rare singles, EPs, albums, remixes and more… the tracks that helped shape their sound and set them on the path to legendary status.

This week, we explore the early career of the doyenne of drum and bass, Charissa Saveiro, aka DJ Rap.

An early publicity photo for DJ Rap

Born in Singapore, Saveiro immersed herself in the London rave scene from an early age, packing in her early job in the legal profession to DJ and make music.

“I was basically introduced into the rave scene by three friends of mine,” she told In-Reach.co.uk in a recent interview. “We were living in a squat at that time so we were very very broke. I just fell in love with it right away.”

Her first production, under the Ambience pseudonym (The Adored, released in 1990), was a vocal house affair, but she soon embraced the nascent drum and bass moment, becoming a pirate radio fave and working with producers such as Ratpack and Ray Keith.

In 1993, she established her record label, Proper Talent, furthering her reputation as one of the most exciting producers in the 90s drum and bass and jungle scene, a position she retains to this day.

“Everyone I know who’s done well has done well because they genuinely have a love of the music,” she told The Independent in 1998. “We never got paid for years. DJs these days are like, ‘how much are we getting?’ And it’s like, yep, I know where you’re coming from. It’s quite sad, really. But it’s still not about the money for me and that’s the truth of it.”

This week’s 909rewind looks at some of Saveiro’s standout productions, remixes and collaborations from the formative part of her career.

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