This online mashup creator is great for reliving early 2000s ‘bootleg’ culture…

There was a time, around the early 2000s, when mashups were close to becoming the biggest thing in clubland, with Soulwax’s 2 Many DJs project paving the way for bedroom maestros such as Freelance Hellraiser, Richard X and X*rox, and some legendary cut and paste reworks, such as this one…

As broadband speeds began to increase, this also led to the widespread sharing of acapellas and instrumentals on internet forums, with seemingly no limit to the bootleg possibilities… all you needed, for example, was a Beach Boys acapella, 2Pac instrumental, a copy of Cool Edit Pro and a bit of imagination, and off you went.

Now, thanks to the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning, mashups can be crafted at the click of a mouse, via Rave.DJ, a new platform that enables you to source tracks from anywhere on the net – YouTube, SoundCloud, et al, and mix it into a carefully crafted mashup.

While it’s not going to work for every track, the bots do tend to come up with the goods when it comes to dance music, as 909originals found out when we searched the internet looking for examples of the AI-based system in action.

For example, how about this quirky combination of Technotronic and Deee-Lite?

Or this effort, which recalls those heady ‘cartoon rave’ days of the early 90s?

And speaking of rave… this one is truly epic. 🙂

Oh, and if you’re stuck for a DJ at your next party, Rave.DJ even creates mixes… just throw a few tracks into the playlist, and the computer does the rest.

Give it a try yourself at

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