THROWBACK THURSDAY: Orbital – Kein Trink Wasser [1994]

With Orbital set to release their first new album in six years, Monsters Exist, on 14 September, 909originals has rewound the clock to one of the most under-appreciated gems in the Hartnoll brothers’ back catalogue, Kein Trink Wasser, from their 1994 album, Snivilisation.

This track will always have a place in our hearts, as the very FIRST track played in 909originals’ first DJ gig, at Dublin’s Thomas House pub, on a Sunday afternoon many moons ago… but aside from that, Kein Trink Wasser is a gorgeous piece of arpeggiated piano-based electronica that descends into a classic Orbital breakbeat at around the 2.20 mark.

As with most of the tracks on Snivilisation, it’s a complex blend of interconnected layers, and is incredible to listen to on a set of good quality headphones (note to self: buy a pair of good quality headphones).

If I had one gripe, however, it’s that the perfection of the vinyl version, where the track fades out into the lush ambience of Attached, to close Side D, is not matched by the CD version, which places Kein Trink Wasser before Quality Seconds, one of the brashest (and I would argue most dated) Orbital compositions.

So if you’re planning on giving Kein Trink Wasser another listen, my advice is to hit up Discogs and purchase Snivilisation on vinyl … you’ll thank me for it.

[Kudos to London Recordings for the YouTube upload]

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