Dubbed the ‘world’s largest outdoor all night party’ (and it probably wasn’t far off at the time), Fantazia’s ‘One Step Beyond’ party took place on this day in 1992.

A whopping 25,000 were estimated to have attended the Castle Donnington rave, which featured sets from legends such as Ratpack, Top Buzz, Jim ‘Shaft’ Ryan, Easygroove, Ellis Dee, Pilgrim & Ratty, SS & Seduction, Grooverider, Food Junky and many more – including a giant, fire-breathing dragon.  

As this video from the event shows, it was truly a party for the ages.

As one reviewer on Fantazia’s web page puts it, “It’s so hard to describe the feeling – 25,000+ people at one with each other. No hassle, just pure ecstasy. […] If  I could turn back the clock and do it all over again… Why did it have to end?”

[Kudos to Billy Wilson for the YouTube upload. Images from Fantazia.org.uk]

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