THROWBACK THURSDAY: Liquid – Sweet Harmony [1991]

Featuring arguably the all time greatest piano loop in acid house history (borrowed from CeCe Rogers’ Someday), Liquid’s Sweet Harmony is just as devastating now as it was when it was first released in 1991.

As the legend goes, Liquid pairing Shane Heneghan and Eamon Downes borrowed some money from a friend to press up the ‘Liquid EP’, which featured Sweet Harmony as the A-side (and the often-overlooked Liquid is Liquid on Side B).

Following high profile plays from Ray Keith and Pete Tong, the duo rang around every label they could think of in the months that followed, trying to secure a label release, which finally arrived in 1992, when XL Recordings took a punt on the duo and released the track.

And thus acid house history was secured.

And as for the original? Mixmag paid arguably the finest tribute to Someday back in 1996, when it named the track at number 3 in its ‘100 Greatest Dance Singles Of All Time’, saying, “No surprise that the simple, but potent downward moving chord sequence was used later on every bloody record ever, including Sweet Harmony by Liquid and ripped off on the Farley and Heller version of There But For the Grace of God, while the vocal line was nicked for Some Justice by Urban Shakedown. A true classic record.”

[Kudos to Liquid for the YouTube upload]

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