That time Moby wanted to bring farm animals on stage for Top of the Pops… [October 1991]

Having hit the top 20 with his single, Go, in October 1991, Moby was invited to perform the song on Top of the Pops, with the young Richard Melville Hall putting in an energised performance, as you can see below…

But according to this snippet from the Daily Mirror, which was uploaded to the @RavePages Twitter account, Moby reportedly wanted to share the stage with a group of farm animals, with the BBC rejecting the artist’s demands to have a cow, horse and sheep on stage with him.

“I suppose we should be glad he did not want a great white whale also,” a BBC insider is reported to have told the paper.

Whether this is true or not – it is the Mirror after all – it’s certainly somewhat different to a usual artist’s rider…

[Kudos to BluebottleFlyer for the YouTube upload]

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