Happy birthday to New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’, which turns 35 today… [March 1983]

Happy birthday to New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’- 35 today… [March 1983]

It’s hard to believe that Blue Monday, the track that cemented New Order’s transition from a post punk outfit to synth pop superheroes, turns 35 years old today, 7 March 1983.

Apparently influenced by tracks by Italo Disco outfit Klein + M.B.O. and Donna Summer, and lifting a vocal snippet (the choir-like ‘aaaahhhhs’) from Uranium by Kraftwerk, Blue Monday was unlike anything released at the time, or indeed since.

The distinctive intro, recorded on a Oberheim DMX drum machine, is arguably one of the most famous drum loops of all time, and earned the track the top spot in 909originals’ recent Incredible Intros countdown.

It’s also spawned a number of cover versions; this one, recorded for the BBC by a mysterious, masked outfit called Orkestra Obsolete, is one of the most novel, recorded entirely on instruments that would have been available back in the 1930s.

Happy birthday Blue Monday!

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