SOMETHING FOR THE WEEKEND – Jeff Mills pushes a Roland TR-909 to its limits…

Ahead of official Roland TR-909 day this Saturday (9th day of the 09th month), 909originals pays tribute to a man who understands better than most how to get the most out of this iconic piece of kit, first released in 1984: Jeff Mills…

As this 11 minute video, taken from Mills’ own The Exhibitionist 2 DVD (buy it here) illustrates, the Detroit native has serious skills when it comes to knob twiddling (although we wonder if his back might be sore after all that kneeling down..?)

This year’s 909 day is tinged with a hint of sadness of course, with its creator, Ikutaro Kakehashi, having passed away in April, at the ripe old age of 87. Hopefully wherever he is now, they have drum machines there too… RIP Ikutaro.

With 909originals also named after this glorious piece of hardware, may we take this opportunity to thank everyone that has liked or followed our posts so far. The good news is, are just getting started…

[Kudos to ProperTechno for the upload, picture by Basic Sounds/CreativeCommons]

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