The day AFTER the Love Parade [July 1996]…

Berlin’s Love Parade may have made its last passage through the Tiergarten some years ago, but as this video illustrates, the city’s ravers have long proven themselves to be masters of the after party…

This video, of revellers partying outside the former Tresor complex on Leipziger Straße, captures Berlin at a perhaps more innocent time (the cranes in the distance hint at the city’s affluent future), laying the foundations for the all-day-all-night ravers paradise it has become. The site featured is actually the grounds of the current Federal Council buildings (Das Ge­bäu­de des Bun­des­ra­tes).

With practically everyone’s face blurred, it’s up to the music and energy to shine through. Keep an eye out for the arrival (and swift departure – yay!) of the ‘Polizei’ at around the 18 minute mark, just before DHS – ‘House of God kicks in…

[Thanks to SignalRot for the upload]

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