Nothing says ‘solar eclipse’ like Cher on rollerskates [February 1979]…

With most of the US looking to the skies today for a ‘once in a lifetime’ total solar eclipse, plenty have been drawing comparisons between the world of today and that of February 26, 1979, when the last full eclipse made its way across the American continent…

For 909originals however, that date in February 1979 is worth remembering for a whole different reason – disco label Casablanca Records held a massive soirée at the Empire Roller Disco Skating Rink in New York, which featured an appearance by everyone’s favourite 70s diva, Cher…

You can find some [Getty Images] pictures from the event here:

We’re not sure what impresses us more, the fact that Casablanca, home to Donna Summer, Parliament and many others, decided to toast the alignment of our nearest star and satellite with a roller disco… or that these pictures are arguably the most 1979 thing we’ve ever seen…

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