Larry Heard and the birth of ‘Jack’…

The great Larry Heard, aka Fingers Inc, aka Fingers Corporation, aka Gherkin Jerks and countless other personae, is coming to Ireland to play at this year’s Beatyard Festival in Dun Laoghaire – a stone’s throw from the abode of yours truly…

Around 12 years ago, the good people at Red Bull Music Academy sat down with Heard to chat about the origins of some of his most famous tracks, and the Chicago scene of the mid- to late-80s. It’s a fascinating document of the time, featuring some killer tunes.

Check out around 53.25, when the interviewer asks Heard to analyse the term ‘house music’, and the identity of the ‘Jack’ identified in the now-famous speech by Chuck Roberts, which forms the backdrop to ‘Can You Feel It’…

Stacey Pullen on Derrick May’s influence…

Without Elvis, there wouldn’t have been the Beatles. Without Derrick May, there wouldn’t have been Stacey Pullen… one of Detroit’s consistently brilliant DJs.

As part of Electronic Beats‘ ‘Mentors’ series (from 2015), Stacey Pullen recalls how he was ‘inspired’ by the Strings Of Life producer’s sets in Detroit’s Music Institute.

“He projected this awesome force when he was DJing that resonated with the crowd on the dance floor. That’s key to being a DJ: you have to be able to connect with the people.”

It’s a great story of a “big brother-little brother” style relationship of two leading pioneers of the early techno scene. Stacey is still touring, and still rocking the house, as this set from Toronto in May illustrates…. [Kudos to deepman for the Mixcloud upload]

‘Now this is how it started…’

“Now this is how it started,
My dreams all broken-hearted,
Yet I want you…”

From the outset, I want 909originals to be about the music – celebrating the people, the places, and the friends that have brought us some of the most cherished (music-related) memories of all time.

To kick off this blog, I’ve delved into the archives of the Chicago Tribune to republish an article from the summer of 1989, exploring the then-emerging ‘Chicago scene’, based primarily around the intersection of Belmont and Sheffield, with clubs such as the Avalon, Medusa’s (a club inspired by the legendary Warehouse) and ClubLand, as well as the emerging ‘freelance’ party scene in the city.

In the words of Medusa’s Leroy Fields, “Someone like Lil Louis, a house deejay will rent a place for a night. He’ll schedule a party around a holiday or school break, rent a hall and work a split of the door receipts with the owner. He doesn’t have one particular club he spins in, but he gets his own crowd that travels with him.”

[And they still do… – Ed]

The spread is also notable for a feature on Seagrape Studios, where many late 80s Chicago tracks were produced.